The riverside at Castlefields

The riverside at Castlefields

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Okay. It's been a while. Quite a while.

Yes indeed.
Other commitments.......... you know, family, full-time job, life in general............... have kinda got in the way of blogging for a while.
And, as I was just explaining to my younger brother earlier today, I have ended up using UNDERNEATH THE SIDEBOARD IN THE FRONT ROOM as a sort of archive for my weekly Shrewsbury Chronicle column, SHREWSBURY MATTERS, rather than as an outlet for other writing projects.

But, there again, the fact that Shrewsbury Matters is readily available on the Shropshire Star website in some ways makes it pretty pointless sticking them on UNDERNEATH THE SIDEBOARD IN THE FRONT ROOM as well.

Nevertheless, just for my own amusement (if nothing else), I will try to post a few of my more recent columns on here in the near future.


I hope that clears things up a bit.
Cheers for now,